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DATE: Sunday 06/28/15
WHERE: Ommegang Brewery (4Mile Run/2Mile Walk)
WHEN: Check in begins at 9:00 AM, run/walk begins at 11:30


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Next Board Meeting April 7, 7pm
Elm Park Methodist Church, Oneonta
Pubilc Welcome


working on:

Siver Street (Unadilla):
This week we had 8 volunteers working on both Thursday and Saturday. Much was accomplished. The foundation was ground flat or shimmed with mortar to level it. It was also parged, so that now it can be back filled to within 10 inches of the top. The vapor barrier and the insulation were installed. A 1200-foot coil of radiant heat pipe was installed, but we lacked about 150 feet to complete the last loop. Fortunately, the manufacturer has agreed to furnish the last 150 feet, which may be installed on Monday. The wire reinforcing mesh was installed, except where the remaining heat loop needs to go. The heating loops were filled with water prior to pressure testing.

This coming week, Oneonta Job Corps will pour the floor, weather permitting. The house framing panels are scheduled to arrive on Thursday, so that the house frame can be erected on Thursday and Saturday. The walls will be anchored to the concrete slab. The roof trusses may arrive on Thursday the following week. Please check your email daily for changes.

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Respectfully submitted,
Mike Donahue (from information provided by Bruce Downie)
For the HFHOC Construction Committee
Mike Donahue



Are held the first Tuesday of each month,
7:00pm at the Elm Park United Methodist Church, 401 Chestnut St., Oneonta

Come join us  •  Call 432-7874 with any questions.
Leave a message or email: habitatotsego@gmail.com

Call our office 607-432-7874 with questions.   Leave a message,
Or email:



Brenda Balcom: President
Bruce Downie: Vice President
Bill O'Dea: Secretary
Edie Polhamus: Treasurer
Wende Ebberts:Assistant Treasurer
Mary Ann Dowdell
Karen Joest
Peggy Fowler

Board Meetings: The first* Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM, Elm Park Methodist Church, 401 Chestnut St., Oneonta. All are welcome. Open to the public.

Board Members:
Leslie Craigmyle, Barbara Dauria, Mary Ann Dowdell, Nancy Garrison, Starr Hobb, Melanie Loucks, Steven Loucks, Jane Miller, and Steve Walsh

Office Manager:
Peggy Fowler
Newsletter Editor, Dennis Fowler

Committee Chairs

Barb Dauria: Family Selection,
Jane Miller: Family Support,
Bill O'Dea: Finance,
Leslie Craigmyle: Fundraising
Steve Walsh: Publicity
Starr Hobb: Volunteer:


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Ways to Donate

To mail us a donation, send to:
Habitat for Humanity of Otsego County,
291 Chestnut St., Box #284,
Oneonta, NY  13820-1229.


We always need land!

We are currently looking for a building plots in the Oneonta and Cooperstown School District. If you are able to donate land, or know of some inexpensive land for sale anywhere in the county, please either email us or call 432-7874


This is a list of stuff that we sure wish we had. Remember, your donations are tax-deductible and we can supply you with a receipt. Call our office at 432-7874, leave a message about how you'd like to help, and we'll get back to you..

Pennies from Heaven:

Cash – we are always grateful to receive, in any amount. And stop by our office to check out our Habitat merchandise – books, hammers, notecards – all priced to sell!

All your worldly goods:

We always need refreshments for our laborers. Lunches, morning snacks, and juice, iced tea, lemonade, and sports beverages would be terrific.

We need people to volunteer behind the scenes
on our family, fundraising, public relations, and volunteer committees. And people for our Board of Directors. For a relatively small donation of your time, you will receive a world of fun and friendship in return.
We would like a person who has the experience and contacts to promote us to local and county governments.
We would also like a person with photo/video experience who could develop a promotional video!
And if you have specific building skills to bring to the site
(and maybe a desire to teach or lead a small crew) – wow!


Click "Volunteer Now" to go to our SIGN UP page. You'll be asked for some simple information, then click on to our scheduling area. Call with any questions. (607-432-7874) We don't use this information to solicit in any way!

Covenant Churches

have made a commitment to support the Otsego County HFH through prayer, volunteer effort, and/or a financial commitment. Our covenant churches include:

First United Methodist (Oneonta)
Christ Church (Gilbertsville)
Elm Park Methodist (Oneonta)
Unitarian Universalist Society (Oneonta)
St. Mary's RC Church (Oneonta)
First Baptist (Oneonta)
First Presbyterian (Cooperstown)
Christ Episcopal Church (Cooperstown)

We thank you and greatly appreciate your help!

Car Donation

Click here to donate a car (It's easy, no matter how old or dead! They'll even come and get it.)


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